Sunday, February 17, 2013

Race Report: About what I thought

About what I thought the best case scenario would be.
Slight negative split (20:18, 20:10).
Rather cold, -12 deg C with thankfully only a small wind.

A few observations:
-running a 40:30 is just as hard as running a 36:30 if, in both cases, one is running to fitness.
-I forgot that winning is fun (has been awhile I guess). Yay win.
-Running makes me tired (a good tired)


  1. When i read your last post i thought you were being "undercommiting" because you and 40+? Come on, you can probably hop on one leg that fast. But you were clearly not. Seems like illness, broken bones and other recent craziness have taken their toll.

    And yes, winning is fun. Even if you win with a lousy time it is still fun:)

  2. Hold on just a second here, Mmmonyka. We know nothing about the conditions of this course!! If there was snow, ice, hills (we know there were low temps), all bets are off. And knowing PPC she is just being modest and not mentioning these hindrances.

    Congrats on your win!! Looked like the next woman was 18?! What's up with that?

  3. Oh come on, it was not me who said that it is not a fast time. It was PPC who said it, quote "if you cannot run fast.....".

    But I still think that no matter the course conditions, winning a 10k race in 40+ is not "right". The same way as winning a 5k race in 20:30 is not right.