Sunday, February 3, 2013

A ridiculous 6 weeks of (not) running

Back to work full-time on Feb. 11th. Plan had been to hammer the heck out of December, January & February as a sort of good-bye to being able to run (sort of) as much as I wanted. Instead, here are my past several weeks of "running":

Dec. 15th - great 3 km indoor race

Dec. 16th - 15 km run

Dec. 17th - Jan. 1st - off, injured one of ligaments in knee. promised myself I would be mature and patient and give the knee time to heal. I did. Yay mature me.

Jan. 2nd - Jan. 12th - cross training and running to the tune of approx 65 km/week. Coming back slowly. Yay mature me.

Jan. 13th - Jan. 26th - off, worst flu of my life. With my great wisdom realize there is no point in running through this and patiently wait for the fever, aches, coughing to subside.

Jan. 27th - Jan. 31st - resume easy running, gradually easing back in. So smart I is.

Feb. 1st - crack a rib after being caught with sail-like car seat in a huge wind gust and being whipped around (rib no doubt already vulnerable after 2 weeks of hard core coughing).

Feb. 2nd - off, will patiently and wisely wait until rib is better to resume training, because really, how silly would I be to not have learned anything from 2 years of running and injury?

Feb. 3rd - F**K maturity! F**K patience! Tape rib (thanks Anna-Maria for introducing me to KT tape), take 3 ibuprofen and go for a 20 km run. Longest since Thing 2's birth..

Anyone know if it is okay to run with a cracked rib?


  1. Oh PPC, you crack me up! So smart you is. Sorry have no idea about the rib, I know they take a while to heal...but if it's not going to puncture anything and you can put up with the pain...why not? Ha, just my non-medical opinion. Good luck easing back into things (with workouts like a 20km run...uh, yeah.) :)

  2. Oh wow, how frustrating! How bad is the pain, as long and the rib is not displaced and the pain with breathing is tolerable then ease back into running. Heck I'm pretty sure I've been running for 3 weeks on a broken foot, so why not with a broken rib?!

  3. I have no idea but you know I would run. It might be painful but I don't think you can cause damage by running. And the endorphins will surely help. Here is for a better year from now on:)

  4. Matury sucks, doesn't?

    I have never had anything cracked but my dad cracked a rib playing hockey a few years ago, doctor (or maybe my mom, i dont remember) taped it and then we went skiing as if nothing happened. My dad is still alive so i guess it will not kill you.

  5. Cracked ribs are not usually a problem for running (I found sleeping difficult - rolling over caused pain that woke me up); depending upon which rib(s) and where the break(s) is(are)[wow - too many parentheses], a very deep breath might cause a momentary twinge, a trail race where you twist and turn could be a problem - and now I'm writing a run-on sentence...