Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heavenly choir of angels

Did you hear the heavenly choir of angels singing hallelujah this morning over Montreal? Thing 2 slept through the night for the second time ever. I got 7 hours, SEVEN hours of uninterrupted sleep and I feel like I have wings. I cannot even believe what a positive impact 7 hours of uniterrupted sleep is having on my energy levels, mindframe, sense of optimisim about returning to work tomorrow. Truly a hallelujah moment. Unfortunately I think she slept through the night because she is getting sick not because this is a new phase in good sleeping but for the moment I am revelling in the absence of a crushing sleep deprivation headache.

Also finally got a decent week of training in including:

work-out 1: 5 X 1 mile averaging 6:32, followed by 10 minutes at marathon pace (7:03)

work-out 2: 6 X 1 km averaging 3:45, followed by 15 minutes at marathon pace

work-out 3: 5 miles at marathon pace

Slower than before but not bad given I am coming off a knee injury, flu and still have a cracked rib (or torn inter-costal... whatever). I note that although I have not committed to Milwaukee on paper I find myself doing a little bit of marathon pace work (with a goal marathon of 3:05) just to remember and think about how marathon pace feels. It's way to early to be training for Milwaukee anyway but it had been so long since I tried marathon pace I decided to give it a roll and see how it feels. After the 5 miles at marathon pace my pulse was at 176 (toohigh to be sustainable for a marathon I think) and I don't think it is quite my marathon but I could definitely see running a half marathon at that pace (right now). Still thinking about it...

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  1. This is awesome! I can "feel" the hallelujah in this post. Hope it is the beginning of a new phase for Thing 2. Great running as well, particularly given that you are just getting back into things. I think your MP will feel more like MP by the time marathon comes around (Spring, right?). For me, 170-175 is the MP HR range, and 175-180 for HMP (my last HMP had average HR 183) , so I think it all depends on what your ranges are. Good luck!