Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's amazing how...

... the suggestions and support of people on the internet can be so comforting and helpful. Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions yesterday. I slept in the basement, alone last night. It was bliss. I probably got about 8 hours of sleep. Heaven. Tonight is hubby's turn. We will continue in alternation until this "phase" is over.

Meanwhile I am also trying some other things - NO caffeine after 11 am. Loading up Thing 2 on cereal right before bed. Putting a bottle of milk in her crib so perhaps she could feed herself if she woke up (go ahead and laugh... I did too but there is a father at our daycare who swears that his 11 month old self feeds from a bottle in the middle of the night). Going to bed immediately after Thing 2 goes to bed to maximize amount of possible time for sleep. Speaking of which, bedtime.

Thanks again for the support.


  1. Yippee! Amazing! I am so happy for you. I can't believe I acutally made a good suggestion for once - and that other bloggers agreed with me! Thank you for helping us help you ;o). Enjoy those basement nights! (sounds like a good song)

  2. Oh wow, what a relief for you, glad SLGs suggestion worked out!