Sunday, February 24, 2013

A few observations on my training

Four runs this week, three of which were work-outs:

-5 X mile averaging 6:22
-5 X 1 km averaging 3:43
-10 km tempo 41:57

I thought I was going to just bounce right back into race shape but it looks like instead I will scratch and claw my way there. This is fine, having as I do not, any imminent racing goals.

I've noticed two things about my body lately, it is craving salt and when I say craving salt, I mean I am finishing off a jar of green olives and then DRINKING THE BRINE after work-outs. I am downing dill pickles and pretty much anything salty I can find. I almost shook the salt shaker into my mouth today before I talked myself down. As one of my friends used to call it "les rages de sel". Weird.

Also, you know how when you have owned a piece of running clothing long enough that you have run about ten thousand miles in it and it simply isn't possible to get it unstinky anymore? No matter how many times you wash it in hot water with extra soap it still comes out smelling slightly sweaty? That phenomenon is happening to me, only not with my clothing, with my actual body. Sexy.

Finally, unrelated aside, today on my run whilst pushing Thing 1 in the running stroller, she turned around to ask me why I was running. I told her simply because I like to run. She said, with her classic french grammar applied to english sentences: "I like not to run." Yeah, sometimes me neither. But today, rolling along at zero degrees celsius, listening to Thing 1 singing Le roi, la reine et le petit prince who was, best of all, THERE BY CHOICE, running was pretty sweet.

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  1. Those are the moments to remember. The lack of sleep, stress and guilt is the cost paid for these all too brief moments when you can realise that it's going to work out just fine. & well done on the workouts - I dream of such times.