Thursday, March 1, 2012


My baby is due tomorrow. To-freakin-morrow. What the f**k have I been doing? More importantly, what have I NOT been doing. Um, setting up the bed, laundering the clothing, packing my overnight bag for the hospital. Oh yeah, choosing a NAME!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, what was I thinking? I can only say I have been in denial. Not about the pregnancy but about the stage of pregnancy. Or else utterly and completely convinced I am giving birth by scheduled c-section two weeks after my due date on the 15th. Which I still believe I will. Problem is that baby doesn't KNOW that that c-section is scheduled. If I was my body, (woah, probably the most existential phrase I have ever written) I would go into labor RIGHT NOW to teach me a lesson in the important of preparedness.

So yeah, I have been going into work (though I was supposed to finish off weeks ago) and oh yeah, moving and, right, taking care of a toddler who was really inconsiderate about the timing of her latest illness and generally not nesting. AT ALL. This isn't really even nesting. Nesting implies the finishing cute touches on an already prepared habitat. Nesting is baking and freezing your dozenth casserole to have on hand for after the birth. Nesting is deciding which great-grandparent's name to use as the third middle name. This is more like clearing a patch of ground, pitching a tarp and praying it doesn't rain.

Again, I repeat, BABY DUE TOMORROW. Time to learn to use the car seat and pick a name! And pack your hospital bag already. Geez.


  1. Once again, my copyrighted list:

    Top 10 Words That Sound Like Girls' Names
    10.) Chlorine
    9.) Bayonet
    8.) Patina
    7.) Mandolin
    6.) Rubeola
    5.) Surly
    4.) Debris
    3.) Vendetta
    2.) Abdicate
    1.) Copra

    For boys, I like Tyvek and Feldspar.

  2. Ana-Maria is a very nice name for a girl, you know:)
    Good luck!

  3. I can totally relate to NOT nesting (well, I am due only in a month, but I don't think I will be, even in a couple of weeks!). I can't relate to not having chosen a name : we had a girl's name in mind when I still did NOT want kids (which was not that long ago, and which does not make any sense, I know).
    Good luck with those last few hours / days / weeks (?)!

  4. I am going to name my daughter Alexandra. I think.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SteveQ, Ana-Maria - thanks for your helpful name suggestions. Steve, there is actually a government panel in the province where I live that "approves" names. There was a big flap a few years back when the name "Spatule" was rejected, basically for not being a name. Other rejected names were C'estUneAnge (it's an angel in French) for being, um, weird?? And Ivory for being a brand name. Somehow I think none of your names would make it past this board...
    Ana-Maria, it is a lovely name! In fact, it is my middle name (well very very close)! Which is why I cannot chose it :)

  6. I haven't packed and we haven't picked a name. But I can't stop cleaning. All of my energy is focused on cleaning. Our unnamed baby will be able to lay on. A clean floor.

  7. F@#$%ing Quebecois language purist nazis.

    (wow, that combination of words must be unique)

    I just noticed your blogroll has "deBri" - my list came from 2001. I was first.

  8. Considering my name is Brianne, I think I can own deBri, n'est-ce pas, SteveQ? Especially since "de" means, "from."

  9. Again, I cannot get by how fast pregnancies fly by in the blogging world :) I can't believe Quebec actually has a system of "approving" names...(or maybe I can because they certainly do things differently)...Good luck on a safe and healthy (and quick!) delivery, I look forward to hearing your story on meeting bub#2 :)

  10. I have been thinking about you many times a day! And then SR told me your c-section was scheduled for tomorrow - but no, wait. you are saying you are DUE tomorrow, right?? Well, when I say tomorrow, I mean today. Sorry we're confused over here!

    As far as a name goes, I really like the idea these days of waiting a few weeks after the baby is born or maybe longer and seeing what name fits them. Not that we did that. My favorite name for a girl lately is Kamma. It's a old Danish name.

    The only thing I took to the hospital, by the way, on my painful walk, was an outfit that was way too big for a newborn. Planning (and buying) is overrated.

    We're eagerly awaiting news!