Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I love my Obgyn and random late pregnancy thoughts

Today at my 41 week appointment (41 week appointment... sigh... and it gets better, I MADE a 42 week appointment) I asked my ob if it was okay to still be running. I hadn't asked in awhile and I thought I would just check. She gave me THE LOOK. The I-cannot-believe-you-are-such-a-time-wasting-moron look. But wait, it's not what you think, she then proceeded to say in an incredulous, scathing what-an-ignorant question tone:

"Of course, why wouldn't it be okay?"

That, ladies and gentleman, is my obgyn who I love in all her excellent awesomeness. I love her for her common sense approach. She freely admits when she doesn't know something (like, for example, exactly how much running is safe for pregnant women) encourages me to look for certain signs, monitor my body and do my research. She has an excellent laissez faire approach in which she lets me make all the decisions UNTIL there is truly a medical need for a certain course of action (note: not a value judgement but a medical need) and then, and only then, she tells me what we're going to do. I love her bedside manor. I love that during my first c-section there was a telling pause in all the surgical technical speak and then the sound of her saying: "well, hello there!" as she made the final incision that exposed la cocotte. I am one lucky pregnant woman to have her as my doctor. She told me today that she is on call on Thursday night so it would be most convenient for me to go into labor sometime during the day on Thursday. So, Thursday it is... we're on. Unfortunately neither of us (her or me) have much say in the matter yet. But at this point we are T-minus 8 days to c-section. However I am actually dilated. Yippee. Never got that far last time so maybe, at some point, I will actually be going into labor.

Work-out today was amazing. Got a triple take from the woman next to me on the elliptical machine. Seriously three separate, deliberate, piercing looks in my direction. Was it because I was on an elliptical machine while clearly heavily pregnant? More likely it was because I was on an elliptical machine eating chocolate but seriously sweetheart... these 153 pounds did not put on themselves and they aren't going to stick around without some help! Also, there is more to doing elliptical to burning calories... I'm mostly there for the cardio work-out and that ain't hampered by some chocolate. Plus my blood sugar was way low. But it was weird, even for me I have to admit.

Also fun today I had one person ask me if I was having twins and another ask me if I was "about 4 months along" so apparently I look both really big and really small. I also got the "you can't even tell you're pregnant from behind" comment which I will never understand. Has there ever been a pregnant woman in the history of civilization to whom someone has actually said: "oh yes, I could tell you were pregnant before you turned around by looking at your ass." (sorry, crude). Second, why does pregnancy seem to give people permission to comment on the state of a woman's body? Even positively?

Finally, best of all, I got to sleep. The past two nights I have had 7 and 6 hours respectively. Heaven. Seriously heroin cannot feel as amazing as sleeping 7 hours after a week of sleep deprivation. And on that note, I will end this scattered post and go try for some more.


  1. Ugh! I almost asked many times when being stared working out if people were afraid I'd go into labor at the gym!
    I remember being 41 weeks and all those late comments. I can't even count the people who told me my dates must be wrong when I was overdue becuase I wasn't big enough and then turned around to have someone else ask if I was having twins. Hang in there the end is in sight :)

  2. Love that you were eating chocolate on the elliptical. I might have done a double take as well. And a good doctor makes all the difference. My last one wasn't bad but I love my doctor this pregnancy and oddly it's the first time I've ever had a male obgyn. He's a runner as well and totally okay with my still running. Sounds like we might both go very close together - although I am not at all dilated so you are beating me!

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