Saturday, March 3, 2012


Sure enough, like clockwork, on my due date, I did not go into labor. One of my acquaintances (who as you will be able to tell in a moment is a very distant acquaintance) suggested that I need to move more and that a gentle 30 minute walk can bring on labor. I ran 14.5 km including 10 in 53:45. No labor.

I have actually decided I am on strike. No labor (pun intended) until my demands are met. My demands are 5 hours of consecutive sleep. That's it. That's all. 6 days ago, I managed 5 hours of consecutive sleep. Since then, no exaggeration, I am getting about 3-4 hours of sleep in every 24 hour period. And that's interrupted sleep. I ... am... going... crazy. I don't understand it. La cocotte is sleeping through the night again like an angel. Our house is quiet. La cocotte's bed is comfortable especially now that I have kicked her out of it. She is sleeping in our bed and me in hers because her mattress is softer which is what my pregnant body seems to want right now. So, every night I lay down alone, in a perfectly comfortable bed in a quiet house, so exhausted I am almost in tears and I lie there.... for hours... not sleeping. It really has been the most unpleasant part of this whole pregnancy (not even sure if it is pregnancy related). My biggest fear now is going into a 24-36 hour labor already completely spent.

I am seriously ready to hit myself over the head with a frying pan at this point just to be unconscious for awhile.


  1. Hmmm, have you tried wearing an eye mask for complete blackout? Are you allowed to take a little melatonin (should be as the body naturally produces it anyway) to see if it will help? Nice work on the "gentle walk"; like you say, maybe bub will get p!ssed if you STOP exercising and come on out :)

  2. I cannot even imagine functioning on 4-5h of sleep a day for weeks. I truly feel sorry for you.

    Maybe your problem is those 14k runs. Maybe you should try that 30min gentle walk and the baby will come out!:)

  3. I remember that about being pregnant- the insomnia. It was awful. I'd get up in the middle of the night and just come downstairs and read blogs b/c I was WIDE AWAKE. Blah. And the problem is it's not like it's going to get better once you have an infant in the house. :( BUT in July or so maybe you'll be sleeping through the night again? Sorry. That's not very encouraging. Can you nap?

  4. Oh my gosh - stop it! You are reminding me of the terrible part of the end of my last pregnancy. I could not sleep because I had painful contractions for a week, as you may recall from my blog. It's like this - all you want to do is get a good night's sleep before the night you go into labor, right? But girlfiend, I think A LOT of women sleep really poorly at the tail end of pregnancy (probably also a sign the baby is coming in the next few days, if not today). You are going to make it and when you see your beautiful new baby your happiness will overcome you and nothing else will matter. You'll catch up on your sleep again. Remember that babies sleep over half the day as newborns, so you will be ok! You are ALMOST there!!

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