Sunday, February 26, 2012


I met someone the other day. A male someone. I've known him for awhile actually but I hadn't had any meaningful conversation with him in a long time and in some ways, our conversation, felt like meeting him again. I happened to sit next to him at lunch and we wound up talking for almost an hour. We spoke about some of his goals and plans. We spoke about some of mine. They sounded important and even possible in the context of the conversation. He spoke about things that I would normally find only marginally interesting but the passion and intelligence he brought to the subjects made them utterly compelling. He was utterly compelling. And more than just a little good looking. When the conversation ended I found myself wanting more. More conversation. More of him. There was undeniable attraction and chemistry.

Now I find myself thinking about him. I feel driven to connect with this man again. I know we will connect again. In conversation and other. The odds are stacked against us though as we are both incredibly busy. He has a demanding career about which he is passionate and to which he is committed (part of the attraction). He has a two and a half year old toddler and a baby on the way due in less than a week. He just moved into a new home which he has yet to fully unpack. He is a recreational pilot which eats away some time. His wife has a challenging, time-consuming job. She is also a distance runner (and has a fairly serious blogging habit) both of which create more demands on his time.

But I know our impromptu lunch "date" meant something and we will somehow find a way of nurturing this connection.


  1. This is sweet. Gave my husband a kiss this morning after reading this.