Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marathon Training Week 4: Two long runs, coca cola & gummy bears

Monday: 18.4 km 87 minutes with baby jogger (and baby)

Tuesday: Long run # 1 - 27.4 km in 2 hours 5 minutes with last 8 km @ marathon pace, averaged 4:11/km. More importantly, ran at 5 pm, temperature 33 deg C. Good heat training. Did not feel as horrid as I feared.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: 16.8 km in 81 minutes.

Friday: 6.3 km in 30 minutes (logistical difficulties interrupted what was going to be a 14 km run)

Saturday: 17 km in 85 minutes.

Sunday: Long run #2 brought to me by flat, warm coca cola (my favorite long run fuel) and gummy bears. 18 km @ 4:35/km followed by 12 km @ 4:05 per km. Followed by 4 km @ 5:00 per km (uphill to get home). Good, solid run. Marathon pace felt very manageable. 34 km total in 2 hours 35 minutes 26 seconds.

Total: 119.9 km
Total quality: 20 km.

Why two long runs in one week? The first "belonged" to last week which was cut short by my fall down the stairs (see previous post). Maybe not strategically the smartest thing to do but in my mind the long run work-out is the back bone of the program so I didn't want to miss one. That coca cola was the finest tasting thing ever at 18 km and then 28 km. Am I the only one who uses coca cola instead of sports drink? It's got water, sugar, salt, caffeine, what more could a thirsty distance runner ask for?

I have to say I am feeling pretty strong. My body is handling the long runs and the heat far better than expected.

12 weeks to go.

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  1. I definitely prefer cola to sports drink, but only in races. I am a weak being, who is kept up at night by caffeine, so it must be reserved for the times it matters, otherwise I'll trigger a manic streak (happens when I am really low on sleep many nights in a row). Glad to see you are typing again. How on earth did you end up with carpel tunnel, by the way?