Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Right, I'd forgotten

How terribly wheezy and generally out of control my asthma gets as the summer heats up. This is why I rarely race in July and August. My training is going sharply downhill as the summer wheeze sets in. Last week I ran a 38:38 10 km tempo in training without too much hardship. Today I couldn't even manage 3 X 3 km @ 3:55 pace. But it's all due to summer wheeze. So, I guess I have to not get frustrated with my times and liken it to altitude training i.e. even though I might be running slower, because I am doing it with less oxygen, it still has the same training effect. Right? I hope anyway.


  1. Might also be some sort of plant or tree there you are reacting to. Might get better when you are back in Montreal. There was a whole fall I had trouble running in France due to a certain tree (why can't I remember what it was called?). And it had never happened to me before and hasn't happened since.

  2. Happy Canada Day, you transplanted Canuck!

  3. Thanks SteveQ - we're 143 years old today, but personally I don't think we look a day over 120 :)