Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh dear

I think I have been doing too much hanging out on the blogs of ultrarunners because this is starting to look tempting. It is a 6 (or 12) hour race that is run around a 2.25 km loop that is a 20 minute jog from my home in Montreal, in fact it is a loop I often use for intervals. It is run in January typically on snow and in the freezing cold. Not surprisingly it is called the Frozen Ass run. I find myself strangely intrigued.

My record to date for 6 hours is 46.6 kilometers. This consisted of jogging 2 km to warm-up, running the Chicago Marathon, walking 1.6 km to the nearest Irish Pub for lunch and finally walking 800 m back to our parked car. It all hapenned within 6 hours so does that count?


  1. That race sounds wonderfully terrible. Geez. Why were the distances so short? Must have been in snow & cold. Anyway, sounds like my kind of torture, too. I wish we could run it together. BTW, don't you feel like it would ruin the pure, fast runner you are if you ventured into ultras? That's what SR would say. Anyway, at least in my opinion, it's about what makes you happy.

  2. Just so my comment isn't too confusing, I looked up the results from last year. That's why I mentioned "the distances".

  3. SLG - it is run on snow (usually) and the loop is half uphill and half downhill. I think mostly the distances are short b/c it attracts only a very small crowd of local runners i.e. no Danish Wisconsonites.
    I do actually feel like it would be detrimental to my 5 km/10 km/1/2 marathon times to start training for and running ultras. If I did this event I would do it without training specifically for it and would do a lot of walking, just as a crazy experience... it's literally RIGHT at my doorstep!
    Are you ever going to spill the beans about which website contacted you? I guess that's a question for your blog, maybe I'll go ask it there :)

  4. Hey. Well, I just don't feel right spilling the beans if I'm going to turn them down. And I went to Kara Goucher's website (or tried) and I got the same message. Did you ask friends in Canada? If I were her I'd be a little po'd that the entire world couln't read it. Another reason to keep my blog my own