Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best road race prize EVER!

I think I mentioned in another post that Italian prizes for races are amazing, useful, fun. I have won huge bags of groceries. I once got a bottle of wine and a box of cookies JUST FOR returning my chip! Thanks for coming out! Have some wine! But yesterday I found out about a prize at an upcoming road race that really takes the cake (speaking of cake, that's what I got at provincial XC Champs a few weeks back). Ok, first let me explain how one goes about winning the prize. It is awarded to the person who LOWERS their age category time relative to last year's winner in their age category by the largest margin. I think it is really interesting because it combines fast running and dumb luck. Obviously one has to run fast to win their age category BUT one also has to be lucky to be in a category that had a soft time the previous year. So... what is the prize? An all-expenses paid trip to the London Marathon in 2011!! I suddenly find myself way more motivated for this race. I was not too fired up for it before because it is a hilly 12.3 km which is such a random distance BUT I could get excited about London 2011 (please don't interpret that as a cocky statement that I think I am going to win... but a girl can dream). I have the dumb luck part covered b/c last year's 35-39 winning time is soft relative to the other age categories. As for the fast running part of it, we'll see. At least I know I will run a personal best for 12.3 km :)


  1. Wow. Cool. If you get the trip, we'll totally try to come and run, too. That would be a blast.

    By the way, SR has begun to call The Lorax "Piccola Pinecone". The Lorax, unforunately can't quite get his mouth around repeating that.

  2. How great would it be to run a marathon on Paula Radcliffe's stomping grounds? How cool you would consider coming, it's a PB course for sure!
    I'm flattered that Piccola Pinecone has made it to Denmark! It is a convoluted reference to my French nickname for baby (cocotte).