Sunday, February 19, 2012

Race Report: The very (very) pregnant 5 km

Some thoughts about today's race:

~splits: 5:27 (steep uphill), 4:52 (rolling, mostly downhill), 5:08 (flat-ish), 5:29 (rolling mostly uphill), 4:37 (precipitous downhill) - 25:33

~25:33 was far faster than I thought I could run while keeping the effort reasonable

~I still feel guilty about the 4:51 2nd km and actually gave myself a 1 minute walking "time out" after the third km was not much slower so much to lower my heart rate (which was not high) as to break my rhythm and slow the overall pace down (hard because i felt so damn good!!).

~teenage boys do NOT appreciate being passed by visibly pregnant women

~I don't blame them, neither would I.

~positive comments outnumbered negative comments (at least those within audible range) by about 20:1
~spending Saturday assembling Ikea furniture, unpacking boxing and cleaning was way more tiring and contraction-inducing than running 5 km (which caused zero contractions)

~lots of kicks and punches from baby before during  & after.  very reassuring.

~had I run 3 measly seconds faster, I would have actually scored points towards this year's series

~whatever PPC LET IT GO.

~did not go into pre-term labour (is it really pre-term at 38 w2d?? that stuck in my head because one person asked me if I was worried about causing pre-term labour. I think it is really just called labour with no qualifier at this point)

~I know that when I am still pregnant at 42w1d (and trust me... I will be - that's the last possible day for me to be pregnant as my back-up c-section is scheduled for that day) I will laugh at myself for actually wondering if this race might have triggered labour


  1. Unreal. At least those weren't mile splits :). Wish I could have seen it. That is an awesome time!

    Labor at any time from 37 weeks on is not pre-term, just to clear up any confusion.

  2. Good job pregnant lady!
    Probably not only teenage boys but nobody appreciates being chicked by a pregnant chick:)

    Wow, only 2 weeks to go. Time flies!

  3. Nice work! Would have loved to see those teenage boys faces :) .

  4. Not only am I super impressed with your time at this point in your pregnancy but at your ability to hold back. I don't think there's any way I could toe the line at a 5K and not go too hard and then feel terribly guilty about it afterward. So impressed you walked when you got worried about your heart rate.