Thursday, January 5, 2012

Exit Strategy Revisited

After 32.5 weeks of being pregnant, it hit me like a Montreal car driver running a very yellow light... 2012 is leap year and I am DUE on March 3, 3 days after February 29 a.k.a. Leap Day. I could exercise my option to have a scheduled cesarean (hope being able to spell it is not a prerequisite for scheduling it) and have a Leap Baby! Seriously how unlikely is it that I would have been due within spitting distance of leap day (I would add how unlikely is it that I ever would have been due again...). We could have a Leap Baby and name him Frederic and apprentice him to pirates until his 21st birthday (or call her Ruth if she's a girl... because Mabel was such a suck).

Ok, so it is probably a wee bit indulgent to schedule a cesarean to have a cool birth date and kiddo would probably HATE having a birthday every four years for the first 20 years of his/her life (but on the flip side would likely grow to appreciate it).

I'm not really going to do it. For one thing I think my ob only does cesareans on Fridays (leap day is Wednesday), hubby is kind of opposed and I am not entirely convinced I want to schedule a c (still looking for that no pushing AND no surgery option).


  1. I'll be hoping for a leap baby for you! That would be too cool. You DID spell cesarean right. And correct to not capitalize it. As an OB once told me: it has nothing to do with Julius Cesar so it shouldn't be capitalized. So there you have it. I just remembered I need to send your baby clothes back to you!