Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sea Legs Girl Marathon Prediction Contest

19 days to go to the Copenhagen Marathon. If you have not read about the Sea Legs Girl Marathon Prediction Contest I am hosting, you can do so here. So far the predictions are as follows:

~The Lorax: 3:21 (March 22)
~Marathon Princess: 3:18 (March 23)
~Barefoot AngieB: 319 (March 23)
~Mmmonyka: 3:16:24 (March 29)
~Sea Legs Girl: 3:19:49 (April 26)
~Moi: 3:15:55 (revised on May 4)

Still lots of time to enter your prediction. Legal Italian performance enhancing drugs to the winner!


  1. I am really excited to find out how SLG will run the marathon. Not for the Prediction contest of course, but to see how fast she can run.

  2. Geez, The Lorax. Why'd you have to go and guess so slow?! I'll show you a thing or two...

  3. Hmm, I hate to sound like the Lorax but I am going for 3:21.14.

    I saw SeaLegs at her recent marathon and she looked good, certainly, but she also looked like she was going fairly hard. Methinks sub-3:20 may be too low.

  4. 3:14:12.
    OK, come on, you all know I'll win the prediction contest. Gimme that Italian drug now.

  5. Either I (or The Lorax) had better win this contest because I'm all out of Pocket Coffees! Damn, those were good. Perfect pre-race food.