Friday, May 14, 2010

It is ON.

The Montreal marathon is ON. This will be my first post-pregnancy marathon; the last marathon I ran was Chicago in 2006. I've only actually ever run six marathons, correction I have STARTED seven marathons and finished six. In preparation for this marathon I have:

~A shiny new pair of running shoes: am I the only one who LOVES burying my nose into a new pair of running shoes and smelling the complete absence of foul bacteria, sweat and dirt?

~A shiny new coach: well, this coach is new to me anyway - I fired my last coach. She was me. I think I need a bit of feeling of accountability. Accountability to someone else's effort that is... i.e. someone has taken the time to think about me, my training and spent some effort and so I am accountable the time and brain power spent.

~Acceptance into the elite field: I am not in the "super elite, fly you in, put you up in a hotel, pay for your food, come to our press conference elite field". I am in the "well you're local anyway, you'll probably be in the top 10, so sure we'll give you a free entry and easy access to the start line". Again the additional feeling of accountability is something I think I need right now.

~113 days left to train.


  1. Come on Piccola, let us in on your secrets: how did you find your coach? How does one qualify as elite? what kind of shoes did you buy? Can one become super elite just by having a nice ass?

    Well, anyway, exciting decision! I am looking forward to hearing about your training.

  2. Hey, does your coach get free entry, too? Man, I'd worry about coaching anyone with only 16 weeks until a marathon who's still nursing.

  3. SLG - elite: i wrote a flowery letter in which i waxed poetic about running my hometown marahton for the first time.
    shoes: the pretty blue ones to bring out my eyes.
    coach: why i found him through your blog!

    steveq: luckily my coach is interested in challenges that are nearly impossible. Have a clean run tomorrow!

  4. Good luck! 1st marathon after 4 years! I can't wait for your training updates.
    Montreal- does it mean you are moving back to Canada?
    I wish I had a coach and felt accountable. I will try to find one, although I am not sure how to go about it.
    But interestingly, I ran my high school PRs when I was my own coach. It seems that I can create a perfect personalized plan for myself to which my body responds very well, but I am sure that if somebody with more experience than me created a personalized plan for me, I could run much better. But it must be really personalized because I do not respond well to "one-fits-everybody" plans.

  5. Was so excited about the Quick-Pinecone duo and then forgot to comment! Ha ha. This is REALLY going to be fun to watch! :)