Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race report: In brief

Time: 1:20:50
Place: 3rd
Fastest km: 3:35
Slowest km: 4:02
Goals achieved: 2/5
Babies borrowed prior to start to drain my very milk heavy chest: 0 (but oh how I wish...)
Award ceremonies missed due to my stupidity and incompetance: 1
Extra award ceremonies held JUST for me: 1
How much I wished I knew Italian for, "please just give me my prize and I'll go quietly on my way without doing another ceremony":
Satisfaction: extreme.
Fatigue: profound.

More later.


  1. You got a PR by 1 second? And not a post-pregnancy one, an all-time one and you only achieved 2/5 goals!? Why does something not add up here? Huge congratuations! So much for using breastfeeding as an excuse, I guess. Way to go with the heavy boobs!

  2. other goals were to run sub-1:20, to run smart (didn't.. headwind, didn't draft) and to win... but still very happy. how did the Lorax make out today?

  3. well done, very well done!
    As for me, here are the stats:
    Race(s) done over the past 15 days: 1
    Failure(s) to post race report in due time: 1
    Number of baby(ies) used as an excuse for being so bad at managing simultaneously being a mum, a runner, a blogger and a job hunter: 1

    (heavy boobs due to breastfeeding: 2)

  4. Comment in brief: congrats.

  5. Congratulations!!! Can't wait for a longer report.

  6. "Babies borrowed prior to start to drain my very milk heavy chest: 0 (but oh how I wish...)" I love it! Luckily my baby decided to do the job for me before my half this morning.