Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting my game face on

Enough mushy stuff about being a mommy. There is a local 12 km race this week-end and I am ready to BRING IT! It has taken five days but I have overcome the jet lag (which, as an aside, I finally vanquished using shock therapy this morning and FORCED myself to get out of bed at 5.45 am and hit the road for a run by 6 am, it felt so.... very... awful - my body processed the time as being about 3 am however I could feel the horrible yuckiness leaking out of my muscles kilometer by kilometer and 16 km later I was finally back on good old Italian time). I am feeling fit, strong and kind of cocky actually. I`m not saying I won`t get beat BUT people are going to have to HURT if they want to get by me. Yeah, cocky is something I am still experimenting with, it's not really my natural state.

So how does one race 12 km anyway? In more than 20 years of competitve running, I have never raced 12 km. I figure I have to guess my current 10 km fitness and then run slower by about 2-3 seconds per kilometer. Based on the Mercier Calculator, my 17:55 5 km two weeks ago is worth a 38:06 10 km - that doesn't seem right to me, surely a 17:55 is faster than 38:06? Enter the Macmillan Calculator, which predicts a 37:15 10 km; that seems more accurate to me. Anyone out there have a great formula for converting a 5 km time into a 10 km time? So, to be conservative, I will say I am in 37:30 10 km shape, add 2 seconds per kilometer and plan to run 3:47 per km which means an 18:55 5 km split and a 37:50 10 km split and a total 12 km time of 45:24... I'm very curious to know how close I get!

Speaking of predictions, there's still lots of time to enter your prediction in the Sea Legs Girl Marathon prediction contest by commenting on this post.

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  1. Leslie,
    I don't know anything about race calculators. Though I would be a lot cooler if I did. I just wanted, though, to say that I loved your story about Monsieur Le Dinosaur. I could completely relate. So no need to worry about writing "mushy" mommy stuff.