Friday, March 28, 2014

Memories from a winter qui n'a jamais pris son fin

It was the winter for which we bought brand new snowsuits and thereafter I would simply randomly pluck one red and one purple blob from the park/daycare/grocery store etc. and hope for the best:

It was the winter during which all of our upper bodies got stronger than we ever imagined:

It was the winter of the Christmas which despite the (small) mountain of gifts, the $1 flashing Rudolph nose from the Dollar Store was the most sought after commodity:

It was the winter during which we should have done more of this:

But as the weeks wore on and we wore down, we did a lot of this:

(drank... too... much... milk)

It was NOT the winter in which Big gave up the crib despite being taller than it is long. Clearly, ti was also not the winter during which she gave up the pacifier:

It was the winter over which we played many games of hide and seek:

And the winter during which Little got the (hopefully) worst hair cut of her life courtesy of her penny pinching mom who felt confident trimming the bangs was an easy job:

(if you can see scalp, it's not a trim mom!)

It was the winter of lots of dress up (not only to cover up bad haircuts):

It was (is) the winter that all made us long for this:

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