Tuesday, January 22, 2013


To put into context how sick I am currently with the flu, here is a list of other events which caused me to not exercise and the number of days I was sedentary:

2005 Post Chicago Marathon recovery - 5 days off
2006 Post Boston Marathon recovery - 7 days off.
2009 Post birth (Cesarean Section) - 6 days off.
2012 Post birth (normal delivery) - 3 days off.

2013 FLU - 10 days off. And counting.


  1. Also, isn't C-section like, hm, a surgery when they cut you up? I always thought that it takes couple weeks for the tissue to reconnect. Interesting to know that it is not like I have imagined (not that I have ever imagined it).

  2. Ugh, sounds NASTY. Also sounds like you are a bad-ass when it comes to recovery in general :) Get well soon!

  3. Oh no, rest up and get healthy. We all had the flu around the holidays and it was awful, I stupidly kept trying to workout and only suffered for it :(

  4. Yikes! Good for you for taking the time off! The flu bug is awful! I run through colds, but the flu knocks me down! And glad to know that I was not the only one who went back to running 3 days after giving birth:) I hope you get to watch a lot of TV and eat lots of ice-cream as you get better:)

  5. Oh, I hope that you feel better VERY soon! And I must add that I love the fact that you took more time off after your marathons than you did the last time you gave birth. Awesome!