Thursday, October 27, 2011

Race Report: 5 km @ 20 weeks

Goals (in order of importance):

1. To be guilt and worry free afterwards regarding the effort I exerted and possible negative effects on baby.
2. Place top 10 in the 20-30 category (which would assure me second place overall in the series and win a great prize).
3. Get in 18 km of running for the day.
4. Run a pregnancy PB (faster than 21:03).

The Numbers
-Number of kilometers: 5
-Fastest km: 3:59 (downhill back to the wind)
-Slowest km: 4:26 (uphill face into the wind)
-Total time: 20:55
-Overall place: 146
-Place among women: 19
-Place in 20-39 category: 12

So, goal #1 achieved, zero guilt and worry afterwards, effort felt very moderate and sustainable throughout.
Goal # 2 FAIL. On the other hand, 20-39 is a HUGE age category... and ten of the women who beat me were in their twenties.... I was the second thirty-something across the line. Darn those quick legged twenty year olds! But I subsequently found out I tied for second place in the series and therefore get my very cool prize (free entries into 6 races next year!).
Goal # 3 - 18.6 km for the day baby! On the other hand I also managed to re-injure my foot. And then... rather than backing off immediately as 25 years of experience as a runner SHOULD have taught me to do, I kept going, now it hurts to stand or to shuffle to the bathroom. Why am I so dumb??
Goal # 4 - done.


  1. Wow! I know some women who would kill to get your time when NOT pregnant. The 20-39 age category is weird. Once I ran a race and was in the 0-39 category. Ha! Let the foot heal:) Congrats on the pregnancy PR.

  2. I did not know that at the end you tied for the second place and got the price. Great, I am sure that made you super happy. So now you are shopping for a double baby-jogger, right? :)

    Bummer about the foot. We always think after the first signs of an injury that it will maybe go away so we keep going and then unfortunately it does not always go away:(
    You can run in a pool at least:)

  3. Awesome!! It must feel so wonderful to run so fast pregnant. And you know, I just KNOW it did because once things don't feel wonderful pregnant ladies just back off. Ain't that just the truth? Then again, you did injur your foot, but that is a bit different. I'm guessing most of the remainder of the 18 km came after the race? I have twice injured myself running home after 10 km races. Seems like once you've run a race one is really prone to injury, doesn't it? ( I say smugly, sitting here uninjured). Pamper that foot, though. Feet are very sensitive to the changes of pregnancy. I think. Anyway, what an inspirational time!