Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Vomit

Prediction: this post sets a new record low for least amount of reads... even on this scarcely read blog.
What is it about a toddler that allows them to be merrily toddling along, haphazardly pulling the entire 200 kleenix from a box or, say, testing gravity (yet again) with the box of cheerios one moment. The very next moment, they casually lean over and vomit an improbably large volume of fluid (larger than one would have thought could be contained in the toddler belly) and, without missing a beat, return immediately and cheerfully to the task at hand (removing the next hundred kleenix from the box for example).

I rarely puke. La cocotte very rarely pukes (three times only in her wee life - she gets it from me) yet strangely we have both puked in the past week. I saw strangely because what I had (bad chestnuts) was not catching. The adult vomiting experience is all shaking and moaning and profuse sweating, so far removed from the casual toddler experience. Also the adult experience smells just so, so much worse regardless of how much time has passed since whatever is coming out went in. Along those lines, ever notice that babies and toddlers don't have morning breath? It is all baby goodness all the time. Also how is it possible that the toddler can have a fever of 40 degrees and still have the energy for bookcase climbing and garbage emptying and laptop stealing, whereas a fever of 40 degrees sees me passed out in bed for days? It's almost like the toddler is a super hero, impervious to puke and fever and bad breath.


  1. Toddlers just run like Formula 1 engines. Heart rates of 200 while napping, sometimes. I think they have all the energy because they don't have to clean up after themselves!

  2. Ha. I think you toddler has just had another illenss than the ones our toddler has had. The last time The Lorax puked, it he was shaking and pointing at his stomaching and crying and then came this huge wretch. And then "åh nej - drukket". Drukket means "drank" but The Lorax thinks it is the word for puke. Maybe The Lorax is just enough older than La Cocotte that he is starting to have a more "classic" reaction.

    I think it's a great title for a blog post, by the way!

  3. Funny post. A colleague of mine had extreme nausea during her third pregnancy and would throw up in the toilet several times a day. Their 2-year old? Started doing the same! He apparently thought it looked fun, so he made a gaggy noise and threw up, too.

    "Drukket" means drunk, as in "she has drunk" (and now it's coming back up). In Wisconsin, though, you hear people say "I should'na drank so much last night", so SLG is just showing her roots.