Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Wisconsin

I read somewhere recently that women tend to seek experiential blogs; that women love to read their story being re-told by another who is essentially living the same story. This works because let's face it, at their essential most people's lives are terribly common. This makes me think about the story I have been telling, initially it was new running mom discovering the wonders of her new baby and clawing her way back into pre-pregnancy fitness. Sure it was with the twist that I was also living in a new country that happens to be a country that seems to capture the romantic imagination of people around the world... but at its heart it was new mom loves and baby and tries to get back into shape.

Now my story has changed. Now it goes something like this: mother of one year old baby adjusts to the new reality of her life as a working mom at an incredibly demanding job while baby tries to adjust to daycare (and oh yeah whole family adjusts to being back in North America and mommy continues to try to run...). Ho hum... does anyone really need to hear this particular story being told AGAIN? Are any of the following truths/sentiments at all unique and worth re-telling: my baby is sick with daycare colds all the time, I have almost zero time to myself, I have no idea when I am going to fit in running, my husband and I have no quality time together, I feel like I am doing a crappy job at EVERYTHING. Should I even take the time to blog about all this when it is clear there are so, so many other things I should/need/want to be doing? (emphasis on the should and need). Well, I think telling the story keeps me sane. Not as sane as a ten mile run, but really is there anything more mind-clearing than a 10 mile? Ok. Maybe an 11 mile run.

I am still figuring out the experience that is my new life. Absolutely everything in my little world has changed. I feel myself, my reactions, my person shifting and squirming and trying to adjust. I am frantically trying to figure out how not to suck at all the various things I am trying to accomplish and be. I think I will get there. Where is there? Somewhere probably not too far from here but where I feel slightly more comfortably in my own skin. And where I do a better job at... my various jobs, even if only a slightly better job.

But, to end a rather heavy post on a more light hearted note, now all I am thinking about is - should I run the Cheese Chase 10 km tomorrow? I am in Wisconsin to visit family and attend a cheese festival and only found out today (after a very hard & hilly 11.5 mile run) that there is a 10 km run tomorrow. The entry fee is a little steep $30 - nothing small town about that price! On the other hand it goes towards youth hockey, as a Canadian I am essentially obliged to support them. Plus after coming to this town for the past many years, it would be kind of neat to actually a run race here. And the prizes, of course, are very cheesy.


  1. Should you run? No, I think you should stand around and eat cheese instead so that you get fatter than me. Of course you should run it! And win it, by the way. Think of all the things you could do with crappy American cheese :). This comment is too sarcastic to make any sense. Long story short, I really don't care about hockey, but I want you to run and win!

  2. I seem to have hit a nerve; why is it that I find your blog so interesting, even though there's nothing in it remotely pertaining to my life?

    btw, when you were running the Montreal Marathon, I was watching the movie "Canadian Bacon." My favorite part was mountie Dan Ackroyd pulling over John Candy's truck because the graffiti sprayed on it wasn't in both official languages.

    There's a cheese chase in England I want to do someday, where everyone runs after a wheel of cheese dropped down a suicidal slope. Doubt the proceeds go to youth hockey, though.

  3. Found the video:

  4. I would run for cheese anytime. And I do care about hockey (although not about American hockey and especially not about Canadian hockey after these past WO. Sorry.)

  5. SLG - of COURSE i should have run it but didn't. tempo run instead. I am pretty sure I don't need to eat cheese to be "fatter" than you but just to make sure I had some deep fried cheese curds yesterday.

    SteveQ - no nerve hit, just touched on a thought I had been thinking awhile about the uniformity of people's lives.

    Mmmmonyka - are you kidding me? How on earth do you have time to be reading & commenting on blogs? Aren't you going on 2 hours of sleep after packing most of the night and moving across the country?