Friday, September 3, 2010

All systems reporting GO.

My legs are heavy.
My hamstrings are tight.
I am exhausted, drained, totally low energy.
My stomach is upset.
I have what feels like constant ovulation pain.

Sounds just about right for the final week before a marathon when the massive reduction in volume makes me sluggish, irritable and prone to obsessive self-monitoring. Honestly if I felt energetic, had springy legs and was raring to go, I would be concerned.

The temperature is still predicted to drop by 11 degrees from today's daytime high of 31 to tomorrow which will give me two nights of sleeping in cool temperatures before the marathon on Sunday. All systems are reporting GO.


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  2. Your countdown clock must have the race starting sometime tonight your time. I got all nervous that it was today - and that I hadn't really wished you an official good luck. I'm glad it's tomorrow. I'll guess we'll be running a marathon on the same day, which is kind of fun. I just hope my half marathon time is faster than your marathon time :).

    So, I guess I could say good luck, but since there is no such thing as luck, I won't say it. You have prepared the best you could, and now you have a pretty good idea of what pace to go - and you also probably have some idea of how to eat and drink today (One thing I have learned is the day before a marathon is not the day to max out on fiber or very fatty foods - and is also a good time to hydrate - but Steve Q covered that last one). And remember that if you enjoy the first half, you probably haven't gone out too hard. And then you can start pushing it.

    The only other useful advice I can think of is that you had better be sure to tie your shoes well. I hope there is a possibility to follow over the internet. You've got a whole family in Denmark pulling for you!

  3. Good luck! I looked at the race website and it looks like you have a shot at fastest Canadian.

    We expect an adequately analytical race report.

  4. Thanks everyone. FB, I promise to analyze every pothole, aid station, chaff mark and kilometer to death! SLG - yes, the countdown clock is screwed up, race starts 8.45 am EST on Sunday. There will be quasi-live results available at, I believe they update it at 21.1 and 30 km or something like that. You can also sign up for updates to be sent to your e-mail. Sorry I completely forgot you were running a marathon tomorrow too! I have had my head firmly in my own navel for the past weeks :) Anyway I wish you lightness of legs and speed of foot. Here's to the battle ! To the battle.