Monday, May 20, 2013

Faces of Races

I've never bought any of the photos taken by professional photographers at road races with the exception of a set from the Philadelphia Marathon which I then gave to members of my famliy for Christmas (really? what was I thinking? At the time they insisted they wanted them which was sweet of them anyway...). But it is nice having the link to photos of most races I've run right there next to my name in the results. Faces of Races. A permanent record of faces of pain, triumph, bad fashion choices, ill thought out sunglasses.
May 2013: It feels like a 35:59, but alas it's a 39:58. The dreaded season of tree pollen, makes me breathe not so much.

May 2013: So spent after a massive asthma attack, I am practically walking across the finish line... in 40:03 (yes, better stop that watch, who knows that ginormous chip on the back of your bib may malfunction!)

June 2008: Casually jogging it in for 18.13 5 km because I had given up on running "fast" (Hey Younger PPC - enjoy that 18.13, they're going to become scarce! (oh and while you're at it, buy stock in google). Hey Present Day PPC enjoy that 39.58 and the relatively fit and healthy body that allowed you to run it!

October 2010: one of my best recent races, a 17.52 5 km in which I was 100% focussed and committed and finished absolutely on my knees; you'd never know it from the casual expression here 200 m from the finish with my tongue LITERALLY in my cheek.
March 2010: Racing at my ideal running weight and cruising to a 17.55 (and my GINORMOUS mittens probably broke 17:50).
March 2009: Racing on the same course one year before the previous picture about 15 pounds over my ideal racing weight but with a 5 month old fetus on board.
September 2011: "Racing" the 1 km with Thing 1 and learning it is far easier to get across the finish line with the baby inside than outside. In actuality I was experiencing both as Thing 2 was safely tucked away inside me when this photo was taken.

Don't call child services, things were much better just a few seconds later.

July 2012: And even better a little under a year later as Thing 1 found the joy in crossing the finish line under her own power.
September 2012: Bad hair
April 2013: Bad form
June 2009: All I remember is that grass felt so good after 9.6 km of pavement.
October 2007: Just a perfect fall day.
Thanks for the memories Photo (and sorry I am so cheap!). I promise to start shelling out some bucks for the photos when Thing 1 & Thing 2 start hitting the roads some more.


  1. Do you not age, woman? You look exactly 23 years old in every one of these pictures. What a cool collection, by the way. It is so hard to pick a favourite. But the scooping in desperation of thing #1 off the ground has to take the cake.

  2. And the one where you really look like you're enjoying yourself -of course- when you were pregnant. :0)

  3. I cannot take my eyes off those red tights! Ugly:)

  4. I think the best face is that first one... :) Well PPC, someone crazily nominated me for a blog award so now I am forwarding that nomination to you (really it's kind of like those old chain letters/postcards waaay back in school - for more info...)