Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why I can break 18:30 tomorrow

Tomorrow is my last spring road race for the year. After tomorrow, I don't plan on racing until August 15. It has been a fun little four race comeback (four including tomorrow) but I feel ready to get closer to my pre-pregnancy times. So here is a little psych-me-up post for myself:

I can beak 18:30 tomorrow because:

1. I averaged 3:38.5 in my 5 X 1 km work-out this week.
2. I tapered properly.
3. I am going to bed as soon as I finish writing this so I will get a good night's sleep.
4. I have done it many times before and my body will remember how.
5. I really (really) want to. Desire is worth something right?


  1. Desire and self-confidence are 90%, but you need that other 10%, too - and it sounds like you have it. I'll keep imagining you crossing the finish line with a big smile on your face!

  2. Good luck, I am prett sure you will do it!!

  3. Good luck (or: how did it go?)

    I agree that 5 x 3:38 should predict a sub18:30 or probably even faster (I assume 2 min rest).

    But 5 x 1000? Who does an odd number of intervals?

  4. @Fast Bastard: Anyone who's ever read Brad Hudson's book and runs 5K's ends up running 5x1000 (and I used to do 25x400m to make an even 10K).