Sunday, May 6, 2012

Race Report: Is it possible 10 km

Short report: 38:46. 11th overall. 1st woman.
Splits: 4:06 (big uphill), 3:44, 3:53, 3:53, 3:38 (big downhill), 4:07 (big uphill), 3:50, 4:01, 3:53, 3:35 (big downhill)

This race came about as follows. Hubby is out of town. I felt I wanted someone to come with me to La cocotte's swim lesson on Sunday to look after Squeaker. There is really no way of looking after a newborn at a swimming pool while taking a swimming lesson with a toddler who cannot yet swim. Enter the babysitter who I interviewed and hired for this occasion. But swim lesson is only 1/2 an hour long and I certainly would not want to get her over here across town for 1/2-1 hour of work. So obviously I could ask her to stay a bit longer afterwards while I did errands and went for a run... but then it hit me - there was a race on the circuit that I do scheduled for today. Was it possible that 1. the babysitter would be willing (it would mean being picked up at 7 am and spending 2+ hours outside with 2 kids) 2. the weather would cooperate to allow the above to happen 3. La cocotte and Squeaker would be happy in this scenario 4. I wouldn't have a panic attack.

The babysitter was game (let's call her Ivy). The weather looked on the border of warm and sunny. I packed the car with clothing, food and toys for every single scenario. If a tricycle race, fashion show or nuclear meltdown occurred during the race, I had it covered.

Race day morning logistics were complex to say the least between feeding La cocotte, nursing Squeaker and leaving on time to pick up Ivy. I had done everything I possibly could ahead of time the night before. I even brewed my coffee the night before to be drunk cold in the morning and slept in my running clothes to make the morning go with military precision (yes, we all know that toddler and military precision go together like paleo diet and (well I don't actually know the paleo diet but I will guess white wonder bread)).

We actually got everywhere we needed to be on time with a happy cocotte and an oblivious Squeaker. Before I started my warm-up, I told Ivy that this was an experiment. If La cocotte became unhappy or Squeaker was not satisfied with the expressed milk or she herself (Ivy) was too stressed out that she should call me on my cell phone and I would come right back. I told her I would rather that the three of them were happy and not stressed than that I finish the race. Which was the absolute truth. I think it set the tone for the day and calmed us both down. I went to warm up. Checked back with them. All was well.

I headed over to the start line and now I was feeling nervous. Nervous about the 40 + minutes between now and re-joining my posse. I felt confident that Ivy could handle any situation but not entirely confident that La cocotte would be happy and easy to handle.

The gun went off and off I ran with my cell phone in hand. The course was a 5 km out and back loop run twice. I felt my panic rising as I ran further away from the start area and my posse. As soon as we hit 2.5 km and started returning to them, I could feel the panic subside. At 5 km (19:14) I noticed a woman with a long, blond flowing ponytail about 75 m in front of me. It was my first conscious acknowledgement that I was actually racing. I was surprised because the spectators had been yelling to me that I was the first women. I started timing her as she passed various landmarks to see how far behind I was. Over the next 2 kilometers I remained a constant 23 seconds behind her. Probably too far to catch. I was confused though because to be honest, I generally recognize people who are faster than me and I know of no fast, long, blond flowing ponytail who does this circuit. At the turn around it became clear. Long, blond flowing ponytail was being sported by a man. (Men: don't do that!!).

At 9 km I noted my split of 35:09 meant I needed a 3:50 final km to break 39 minutes. I tried gamely to pick it up but I was pretty spent. The race finishes on a track which by the time I got to it, my legs were severely wobbly and I was in survival mode. I hit the 200 m to go marker at 38:04 minutes flat and figured there was no way I would miss breaking 39 though remembering my disappointment in not breaking 19 minutes a few weeks back I tried to pick it up. I crossed the line well under 39 minutes and completely satisfied with my race. This is a much stronger performance than my 19:01 5 km and I think it is due not to increased fitness (it has only been 2 weeks) nor to continuing post partum weight loss but rather to my core and, ahem, lower parts slowly tightening, strengthening and returning to their pre-pregnancy state.

It took me about 90 seconds to track down the posse who were doing well. La cocotte wanted juice which I quickly found for her and let me tell you it took some self control to give her the juice and not inhale it in 2 seconds flat. Squeaker was asleep and Ivy looked quite un-traumatized. So all in all it worked out well. And yes, we made it to swim class with 10 minutes to spare.


  1. Nicely done! And I mean that to include both your time and the staging and planning of the morning with two children and a new sitter. :-)

  2. Woot! Woot! Huge congrats! Nicely done! And based on this 10K you are also in shape to run a waaay sub 19:)

  3. Being a mommy to two little kids is a hard work it seems! You sleep in your running clothes, you got a cell phone)!)…
    Sounds like a great race. You are soon going to be your speedy self again.

  4. Nice work! I was considering a 5k this weekend but am intimidated by the logistics involved with pumping and childcare but you have me inspired and seriously considering it.

    1. i think it helps to go into it with very low expectations, viewing the entire thing as an experiment. then, if you get to race and everything works out it is a bonus and if it just doesn't happen you are (hopefully) not too disappointed. but my vote (if i get one :) ) is go for it!