Saturday, October 23, 2010

My little space

I plan to make this blog private either for awhile or permanently. I believe blogger allows me to invite 100 readers. That is probably about 20 X the number of invites I'll need :)
If you would like an invite please either leave me a comment here with the appropriate e-mail address or if you prefer e-mail me at PiccolaPineCone-at-gmail-dot-com. Those of you who already asked, no need to ask again as soon as I make it private again, you'll get your invite.


  1. I've got no problem with asking twice (if it gives me a better shot :)).

  2. Could you please invite me?
    My appropriate e-mail address is a first letter of my first name then my last name all together at gmail.

  3. if you have not reached 100 yet, I'd love to be able to continue reading too! I'll send you my email address separately...

  4. i am nowhere near 100. i am barely at 10. honestly there is no competition or rush :)

  5. I would really enjoy continuing to follow your running/life adventures.